In The Know with a CPO | Adam Versteeg

Vanessa Blackburn speaks with Adam Versteeg, Chief People Officer at Janes, who, having joined Janes in 2020 at a time of huge transformational change, highlights the importance of delivering with focus and pace in order to make meaningful commercial growth in a short time. Adam discusses the value of using metrics and measures of success in business strategy and how to communicate effectively in a data-driven business. Adam also gives some fantastic advice for those wanting to step into their first CPO role, specifically in the PE environment.

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In The Know with a CPO | Simon Helliwell

In this episode of ‘In The Know with a CPO’, Olivia catches up with Simon Helliwell, Chief People Officer at Silverstream Technologies, who, having made the shift from large corporate to SME, explains the importance of immersing oneself in a business to understand how value is created, before driving suitable change. Simon talks about the initial shift from strategic to tactical, getting the basics right, and providing a platform that enables a business to scale.

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