For us, Diversity is the co-existence of human differences, be they cultural or behavioural. Equity is an understanding of these differences and ensuring fair outcomes for all. Inclusion is our deliberate focus on fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring that everyone feels seen and heard.

Moyra Corbett, Search Partner - Tucker Stone


our philosophy

In our roles as both employers and recruiters, Tucker Stone is committed to growing and maintaining a culture of inclusion and celebrating difference. We understand that diverse voices make us and our clients stronger. We appreciate how lucky we are to work in an industry that champions D&I and are extremely proud to contribute to that goal by finding excellent people for inspiring roles.

Tucker Stone was established over 10 years ago on the principle of equity and inclusivity and this has been part of our fabric ever since. As an employer, we strive to ensure that these principles, reinforced by our values, are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with all our customers, colleagues, and partners.

We continuously measure and report on all aspects of our executive search, external market mapping, and internal processes to allow us to share our methodology with our clients with utmost transparency. This information is used by us and our clients to inform and change hiring policy and procedures, tackling bias in all its forms.

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Our Approach

Studies have shown time and again that organisations with diverse leadership teams are more profitable and innovative. There is now no doubt that an inclusive culture increases employee engagement and influences consumer choice. We therefore feel that diversity is our biggest opportunity to make our clients more successful, and it is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.

We believe that partnering with the right Search Firm plays an integral part in building a more diverse representation at Executive level. At Tucker Stone, we have a duty to our clients to strive for, and build, the most diverse and inclusive shortlists possible.

Diversity, Inclusion & Culture are rapidly evolving fields of expertise, but it is our responsibility to work with clients to ensure we break down barriers, especially around unconscious bias when taking a brief, and throughout our search assignments. This frequently entails challenging decision making, assumptions of what experience and expertise is required in a role, and what Talent looks like.

We have built robust but flexible processes which we can utilise within each search. This might be creating new assessment metrics, e.g. a ‘Likeability Score’, or suggesting a broader interview panel to expand the decision-making network, or adapting our approach to dedicate more time to building relationships and trust with candidates, and advising our clients accordingly. Too often, clients assume what is required is ‘culture fit’ but we believe that the future lies in ‘culture add’.

It is our role to challenge preconceptions. We provide clients with a full breakdown of our reporting to ensure complete transparency and evidence of best practice in identifying, approaching, briefing, & listening to people across all diverse characteristics, be that race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, physical ability, neurodiversity, age, or social mobility.

Since January 2020, 67% of the permanent hires from our search work have been female and 19% ED&I. We continuously strive to produce shortlists that contain the most diverse range of appropriately skilled individuals within the market.

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our Experience

Crucial to the People Agenda and integral to business strategy, is the role of the Diversity & Inclusion leader. We specialise in sourcing D&I executives at leadership and executive level.

We aim to place D&I professionals who deliver change with tangible outcomes, who are commercial & business-focused, and who have the courage and ability to influence at all levels ensuring a top-down level of accountability. By placing these candidates, we are learning and improving all the time.

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