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Our approach

Whether we go “way back” or are talking to a candidate for the first time, the relationship we build with our community of HR leaders is powerful and long-lasting.

We welcome regular career conversations, aiming to stay in touch by providing you with relevant insight & news, new tools, products & innovation that we learn about by being so entrenched in the People space.  We strive to ensure we become invaluable to you, when you are looking for a new opportunity, and when you are not.


Breadth of Opportunities

Our connections are forged within the dynamic Global HR Leadership community.  but our daily conversations extend to founders, CEOs, investors & board members grappling with the critical challenge that leaders face to attract, engage, develop & retain the only real differentiator in the modern business world – people.

We remain sector agnostic, believing that cross-pollination of industry experience adds true value.  Our networks span FTSE, Fortune 500, AIM-listed & Private Equity-backed businesses, as well as Start-ups and VC-backed Scale-ups.


What you can expect

Being part of the Tucker Stone network means you have access to honest feedback, advice and guidance, a partner through your search for a new role (whether we are representing you or not) and someone you can rely upon throughout your career.


Where capability meets culture

We want to find the best candidates for our clients, and that involves presenting people they would expect, and those they might not have considered.

HR skills are only half the story; we want to know how you like to work, whether you will suit the dynamic of an executive team, and if your values & purpose are aligned to the company’s aspirations. By exploring what inspires & motivates you, we can assess which culture will allow you to thrive.

A key differentiator was actually being interviewed by a recruiter who has worked in HR before. This really helped me as a candidate as I was able to provide answers and the team understood what I was saying. The level of conversation was much more detailed than I've had previously for senior roles.

People Director - Envevo

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