The Hybrid Working Model

75% of organisations have a hybrid working model and the majority, 74%, believe their organisation has the correct set up. Although 57% stated that there is still a strong push from the leadership team to have employees back in the office more regularly.

When asked about engaging with remote employees, our data shows that leaders’ biggest challenges are: Promoting a sense of team cohesion and maintaining effective communication and collaboration, as opposed to the productivity issues that they originally feared.


Influences and Key Priorities for the People function

67% of HR leaders stated that leadership capability has the biggest influence on the People function, as well as, cost saving, growth plans and workforce planning.

When asked what the key priorities were for the function, 87% suggested that upskilling leaders is a key priority, along with retaining talent, employee engagement and managing uncertainty.

This data reflects the ongoing importance of developing HR leaders now and in the future.


Adapting Talent Acquisition strategies in a changing market

Our data reflects that 60% of organisations are exploring skills-based hiring to create a more dynamic future workforce, however…

…when asked about the challenges faced in reaching this goal, 67% of leaders state that trying to establish the skills gaps is the most significant challenge, combined with keeping up with technology advancements and working within tight budgets.

This leads us to the question – how is your organisation identifying these skill gaps and what methods are working well?

ESG at the Forefront of Business Strategy

75% of leaders stated that ESG is a key priority for their organisation, with over half, 55%, being responsible for delivering on ESG goals.

It’s clear there is growing pressure on businesses from investors, clients, customers, and talent to provide greater transparency, reporting, and disclosure regarding ESG issues.

Check out our latest conversation with Patsy Sciutto Doerr, who discusses in more detail, the rising relevance of ESG and the role that HR plays here.